"Promote sustainable development of the interior and exterior environment by extending quality services to the client"

GPC HAS COMPLETED the master planning and development of the Sulaibikhat Bay and Kuwait Bay coastlines with international planners MGP City Plan ltd. team, Gulf Consult, and Warah Environmental Consultancy for Kuwait Municipality. gpc’S ROLE included ENVIRONMENTAL Consultations and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment in line with Kuwait Environment Public Authority (KEPA) guidelines and standards.
Client: Kuwait Municipality
Region: International
Sector: Public Sector
Project Type: Ideas, Plans, Actions
Team Members: Gulf Consult, MGP City Plan Ltd, WSP, Green Plains Consultants, Colliers International

GPC entered into a contractual agreement with GRUPO TSK Co. in July 2015 for technical services and consultations for soiling study at Al-Shagaya area. GPC's role is to provide on an exclusive basis, expertise to conduct the work assigned by TSK. The project is related to data collection and analysis of solar energy and meteorological parameters at the experimental station in the Al-Shagaya area.

GPC entered into contractual agreement in 2015 with Alghanim International General Trading & Contracting Company LTD to conduct monitoring, supervision and advisories services on Soil Assessment for Excavation and Transportation of Heavily Oil Contaminated Soil for Land Fill in North Kuwait Area under the Contract # 14050822 with Kuwait Oil Company.  GPC role is to review QA/QC studies, Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) studies, PHSER, HSE studies, lab inspection services, site-soil characterization, ground trothing and compliance monitoring.

GPC completed a consultancy agreement with Malone Given Parsons Ltd. (MGP) to conduct Environment service for the Physical Development Plan of the Northern Gateway (the Seventh Sub-Region) in 2011.  GPC prepared the Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation studies.

GPC completed a consultancy agreement with Malone Given Parsons Ltd to conduct Environment Services for the Physical Development Plan of the Northern Sub-Regional Area of Kuwait (Sub-Region Area 2). GPC role was to carry out five stages including Data Collection and Analysis, Planning Studies and EIA, Preparation of alternative Plans, Detailed Studies and Project Final Reports.

Al-Faisalia Farm Al Wafra. Faisal Sultan Al Essa. 2007-2009. To assist the farm in commercial production of native plant seeds and seedlings to be used in greenery projects and restoration of degraded terrestrial ecosystems. GPC provided service to produce quality seeds of native plants.

Abar Global Petroleum Services and Tetra Tec. Consultation for preparation of proposal on restoration of degraded ecosystem. 2008. The proposal relates to restoration and remediation of the terrestrial environment of Kuwait according to UNCC environmental claims awards totaling US$ 2.9 Billion.

EMG/WTO. Emerging Market Group affiliated to World Tourism Organization. Provided service consultation to prepare eco-tourism strategic plan for the State of Kuwait. Ministry of Information. Kuwait. 2005. GPC provided consultation in developing eco-tourism strategies for the government of Kuwait considering the existing environmental conditions and socio-economic status.

Inogen Design and Management, BV, Netherland. General consultation for proposal review on revegetation of damaged terrestrial ecosystem. 2008.