Our Vision

"Sustainable environmental solutions" and quality services to the client
Green Plains Consultants (Ltd.) provides technical consultations and services to clients by offering expert team based on service requirement. The highly qualified experts provide technical consultations in addition to project management and supervision.
Our goal is to provide the utmost level of technical expertise to achieve the overall objectives of the client in the best way without any delays or additional burden to the client.

Our specific objectives are to:

  •  Promote environment friendly solutions
  •  Apply integrated concepts in management of renewable natural resources
  •  Provide technical consultation and services utilizing scientific bases and approaches
  •  Enhance natural recovery of ecosystems
  •  Intensify greenery and beautification
  •  Establish strategies for food security and agricultural development

Our Approach

Green Plains Consultants (Ltd.) approach is to provide professional technical consultations in agriculture, and environment through providing the following services:

  •  Preparation of technical proposals and TORs
  •  Management and supervision of projects
  •  Development of strategic plans
  •  Environmental Impact Assessments
  •  Preparation of analytical information for management and interpretation of information
  •  Concepts and landscape designs
  •  Technical advises
  •  Recommendations and solutions